GARDEN ART WORLD-Spinosaurus Dinosaur garden art display

Spinosaurus Dinosaur 3D metal garden art sculpture

This is our Spinosaurus 3D metal art sculpture.

This sculpture depicts the skeleton fossil of the Spinosaurus.

The piece is made out of 4mm laser cut steel.

The measurements are from tip of tail to head is 40 inches (length), head is 7 3/8 inches (length), backbone height 15 1/4 inches (tall), head height 5 1/4 inches (tall), tail height 21 1/2 inches (tall), and legs span 13 1/4 inches (width).

This sculpture comes as a puzzle.

The puzzle will come as a 32 flat cut out piece puzzle as a DIY (do it yourself) project that comes with a set of instructions. The puzzle version will only include a lightly ground finish. The puzzle is raw metal and would rust naturally.