COLLECTION includes 5 variations*

*nested files for various thicknesses... 11ga, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 1/2 inch. Scale-able for use with metric material**

Perfect for CNC plasma cutting, Water jet, or Laser.


The version designed for 11 ga makes a dinosaur 37 inches long. Pre-nested for material 29.4602 inches wide 23.4998 inches tall


The version designed for 3/16 inch steel is pre-nested for material 4 x 5 ft. Make a dinosaur 7 feet long 52 inches tall.


The version designed for 1/4 inch steel makes a sculpture over 10 feet long. Carefully pre-nested for cutting on (2) 4ft x 5ft sheets of 1/4 inch steel (or one 4 x 10 foot sheet).


The version designed for 5/16 inch steel makes a dinosaur approx. 7 feet tall at the tail, 12-1/2 feet long. Pre-nested. Requires (2) 4 x 8ft sheets plus (1) 4 x 2ft sheet of 5/16ths steel.


The version designed for 1/2 inch material makes a sculpture 17 feet long. Carefully pre-nested for cutting on (3) 4ft x 10ft sheets of 1/2 inch steel.

Includes .dxf format files.  The disk also includes photos, diagrams, and detailed assembly instructions.

Drawn at full scale for maximum detail. We cut, tested, and refined this artwork for excellent results. 

These are all raw dxf files. We have pre-nested them, however, you can re nest or re-scale if required. You'll need to import dxf files into your CNC software to create your cut path. 

**If you want to use metric material, re-scale the appropriate file until the slots match the thickness of your material.

Cutting tips and tricks: When you create your cut path, put the start point for each part at the beginning of one of the slots (cut a slot to begin each part). Otherwise the part(s) may drop out or tilt before the cutter is able to finish the final slot. Cut and test fit a couple parts before cutting the entire pattern. Some 'clean-up" of the slots may be required depending on the quality of your cut.