Big Allosaurus dinosaur3D metal Garden art

What great fun you will have putting together this Big Allosaurus 3D metal art puzzle

Plasma cut from 5mm steel laser cut steel

This puzzle measures from tip of tail to turn of head is 45 inches (length), the length of the head is 9 1/4 inches, the height at the backbone is 18 1/4 inches from the floor, head is 15 inches from the floor, tail height 24 3/4 inches from the floor.

The puzzle will come as a 46 flat cut out piece puzzle as a DIY (do it yourself) project that comes with a set of instructions.

The puzzle version will only include a lightly ground finish.

The puzzle is raw metal and will rust naturally which gives it a great natural patina

please contact us with any questions regarding availability,pricing or shipping

Allosaurus dinosaur 3D metal Garden art puzzle

Allosaurus dinosaur 3D metal Garden art feature puzzle 1

Allosaurus 3D metal Garden art puzzle 2